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Media Bishop / Website Hosting Services

Media Bishop is a leader in providing web hosting and infrastructure services. We are a single platform for all you hosting requirements, and offer various kinds of hosting, which include dedicated hosting, shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting and even virtual private server (VPS) hosting services.

Our Hosting Services

We can offer you:

  • High Performance & 100% Redundancy – We have optimized our infrastructure to ensure superior performance and high up-time. We make use of dedicated routing, premium quality hardware and customized technologies to enhance performance and make sure of 100% redundancy.
  • App Hosting – Get simple and quick WordPress Hosting. You can create your website and set it up fast with the help of the 1-click installation feature.
  • Reseller Plans – White-labeled plans, no hardware expenses, self-managed DNS and flexible rates for resellers.
  • Dedicated Servers – We offer virtualized and dedicated servers for maximizing any performance, compliance or security requirements.
  • SSD Cloud Server – With SSD Cloud Servers, you can e assured of 2.5 times better performance. There is higher speed and quicker load time in multiple locations at the lowest rates.
  • Shared Hosting – We offer full Windows and Linux Hosting with user friendly designs and 1-click script installation, Plesk or cPanel with 99.9% uptime as a guarantee.
  • Cloud Computing – Our hosting service is built on OpenStack, and we offer on-demand public cloud database, storage and computing.
  • Private Cloud – With VMware virtualization, you can get private and scalable cloud in single or multiple datacenters.
  • VPS (Virtual Private Servers) – Complete virtual solutions, with the flexibility and power of Cloud minus the high expenses. Our VPS services include automatic failover and high availability in real-time in order to keep you online.

What Makes Us Different?

  • You can get 12 months of free hosting, with a custom website build, with our premium package
  • We have one of the strictest SLAS (Service Levels) in the industry, which includes 100% network availability.
  • We offer you 24/7 support, with experienced engineers having expertise in the creation and management of complicated environments.
  • 60 day money-back guarantee, with a no-hassles refund process for customers

At Media Bishop we stress on 100% network uptime, which allows us to ensure 100% satisfaction of customers. Our customer service and support is unrivaled, and you can be assured of the best support experience from our end.