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User Tracking and Analytics

Media Bishop / User Tracking and Analytics

Media Bishop is a leading name when it comes to offering services regarding User Tracking (analytics) and Heat Mapping for increasing engagement or sales. With our user tracking analytics apps and heat mapping, you can get excellent ROI for your business. Apart from ROI, our optimization, surveys, design and planning ensure scalability for the future.

User Tracking (Analytics)

Since 2004, we have been associated with providing web analytics services. Website analytics, for the uninitiated, is a process of collecting data in order to find out the behavior and source of visitors coming to your site.

Any marketing campaign aims to manipulate the behavior of visitors or users and making them take an action. The first step to ensuring effective marketing is to use proper tracking. We have always got A+ BBB ratings for our analytics services. Our analytics services are Google Analytics certified, and we are always creating fresh techniques in order to track the behavior of users more effectively.

We offer:

  • Analytics Setup
  • Analytics Consulting
  • Analytics Monitoring
  • Conversion Optimization

Our standard analytics consultation services can help you troubleshoot individual issues that you are possibly encountering in tracking the number, sources and behavior of users. Our analytics data reporting is accurate, and you can fully rely on us.

Heat Mapping

The Heat Mapping services of Media Bishop are designed to increase user engagement or sales. Heat Mapping is undoubtedly a robust advertising tool and offers you real-time assistance in identifying the sources your website visitors are moving to and spending most of their remaining time. We prepare marketing reports with full counting of your site visitors.

Heat Map Tracking actually refers to a tool that measures analytics and reviews the areas of a page where individuals click on as well as where they exit from at the time of scrolling. For any online marketer or webmaster, click tracking and heat mapping tools are important. It is already quite difficult to gain enough traffic for your website and it is better that you know more about your visitors when they come.

Our heat mapping and click tracking services:

  • Using heat map tracking tools on your website in order to show the sections of the pages that are being clicked on.
  • Finding out the website content that are being clicked on and surfed, and why some types of content are being searched for more by others.
  • Discovering ways to optimize your website landing pages, shopping carts, lead generation forms and complete navigation structure much better.
  • Recording all the mouse gestures as well as creating complete video sessions of the activities of visitors all the while they are surfing your site.

We can help you to complete appointment forms and other tasks on your website. You will also have to spend less time on content and tasks with lower relevancy for your visitors.

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