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AdWords Managment

Media Bishop / AdWords Managment

At Media Bishop, our AdWords management services are designed to drive consistent and superior traffic to your blog, website and other online properties. We are one of the fastest growing names in AdWords and PPC management industry, and have helped hundreds of businesses save their money on unnecessary advertising. We consist of a team of highly skilled and creative marketing experts who can execute advertising strategies in a scalable and efficient way.

USP’s of AdWords Management Services

  • Affordability
  • Campaigns managed fully by humans and not machines
  • User-friendly campaigns, with focus on broad as well as niche keywords
  • High quality visitor traffic
  • Ads and keywords tuned to local search results
  • Geo-targeted PPC campaigns
  • Targeted location based and mobile bid adjustments
  • Free AdWords review and consultation

We start work by having a full discussion about your project, campaign goals, top competitors and target audience. Then, we prepare a customized strategy which is unique for your business. We can create a brand new campaign for you, or optimize an already existing campaign.

Why choose us?

  • Non-automated services – All our campaigns are managed by experts, and not machines. We do not automate the systems, and you can be assured about the campaigns being run by professionals who are long-timers in PPC management, and not robots.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Our services are easy on your pockets, and we use time-tested strategies to ensure minimum guaranteed ROI for your business. Alongside, we also use short-term, effective experiments which are known to be really profitable for your type of business. We ensure that you do not end up blowing your budget on unnecessary marketing.
  • Integrated Ad campaigns – Other than your AdWords campaigns, we also help you run your ads on other platforms such as Yahoo and Facebook at only a fixed monthly rate. We integrate the campaigns and make them organic in nature in order to get you traffic from the exact targeted audience you wish to reach out to.

Our dynamic team

Our services at MediaBishop are designed to bring the human element back into advertising. Our experts design and write your ads in an appropriate way to communicate with your target audience in an honest and personal manner. Your advertising budget is thus, spent in the most efficient and wise manner.

We have a team of digital marketing strategists, who are weather-beaten professionals and know the ins and outs of search engine behavior and PPC marketing. It is natural that we enjoy strong relationships with each of our clients. We are not simply an AdWords management company, we go beyond that and develop 360° online campaigns which have a positive effect on your business and generate the maximum ROI for you.