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WordPress & Magento

WordPress and Magento are the 2 most popular content management systems ever…for a reason.

WordPress started as a blogging platform over a decade ago. In its short lifespan has grown to a full service web development and deployment platform allowing thousands of small businesses the ability to have a professionally built website. The best part is the ease of use passed onto the client once a developer is finished building out a website.

Magento used to be a simple open source Cart software. It has now morphed into the most powerful online shopping cart available. For starters, it is infinitely customizable. This means that it doesn’t matter what your vision…there’s a solution for it through Magento. Now that Ebay has purchased the software there are millions of dollars being poured into the platform to make it even more amazing.

Find out how you can benefit from either of these great platforms from a true specialist.

Don’t worry with managing your website. Get to work managing your business and making the money you deserve. Websites should not suck. Websites should not be a negative hole in your business’ bottom line. Contact us today and learn how to leverage your online real estate to create tangible results.

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The Media Bishop

is an online marketing and Ecommerce Solutions Agency specializing in Magento and WordPress websites.
We help business owners develop and deploy an online presence with unmatched local visibility through a proprietary blend of search engine optimization, directory and maps services, and online advertising such as Adwords and Google Shopping. The Media Bishop is a group of individuals who spent or are spending time working in the corporate environment. Through dealing with national or run-of-the-mill SEO and online strategy companies, we learned the importance of having an agency in our area that knew how to stay up to date on trending search engine changes. There is also great need in specialized local visibility. Knowing how to leverage social media, maps, and directories to get customers takes knowledge and experience.

Every technique used by us was developed to help the businesses we’re responsible for managing. These practices are all 100% white hat and honest. Testing our knowledge on our own businesses allows us to deliver you experience with results…that work.

The Media Bishop typically targets customers in the Montgomery County and North Harris County areas. This allows us to meet you face to face, shake your hands and most importantly…know your market well. As residents, we know the landscape well. We know what it takes to succeed.

Allowing us to manage your online presence will free you up to do the things managers and owners are supposed to do. Your job is to sell your product or service. Your job is not to learn the ever-changing knowledge base that comes along with online marketing and marketing architecture.

We’re a fun-loving group of people. Success drives us. Our hobbies are extreme and obscure. Creativity serves as the foundation for the Media Bishop to identify and solve your marketing weaknesses.

Consultations are free so call us today: 832-378-8644

Perfectly curated skill sets mean that you’re going to get a lighting quick turn around with a focus on what matters. Getting your brand noticed. Think of it as digital networking on steroids.

Pixel Level Design

Pixel level design means you will get attention to detail across every device. No longer can websites just be something simple if you want to get noticed. Relax and let us handle that.

Constructive Work

Consultations and audits are just the beginning. We want to know what makes you tick. Our process allows your site to have a personalized style in you.

Creative Foundation

Business development is so much more than ‘build me a site with my logo”. By understanding the entire marketing landscape, we’re able to selectively identify opportunities that get real results, and grow your business.

Market Research

Setting realistic expectations is an important part of any marketing plan. As well as, an integral part of every project here at Media Bishop.

Magento 1 & 2.0

At its core, Magento is the flagship online shopping solution in the world. It takes tremendous amount of resources and knowledge to get a Magento store up and running the correct way. We know how to get you online fast.

Google Ecosystem

Google takes time to learn. Its also always changing. Our team has been trained in-depth by Google themselves on the Google and Android Ecosystem. This means we know Search and we know Mobile.